School Presentation May 11, 2007

On May 11, 2007, at the request of Melanie Stutz on behalf of the Maryland International Day School, a couple members of our Chapter gave a presentation to the students about the EAA.  Ace gave an explanation of the differences between various homebuilt aircraft to the students as they toured Maryland Airport.  Ace found himself answering many questions ranging from aeronautic principles to power plants.

Bob sacrificed his airplane so the students could see and feel a fabric covered airplane.  The idea of a fabric covered airplane was at first a novelty to the students and parents alike.  After much poking, prodding, tapping and pounding Bob found himself answering many profound questions about the fabric and how it is attached, stretched, painted and repaired.

Bob also explained to the students that his airplane is an aerobatic airplane.  He gave the students a brief talk about aerobatics followed by a lengthy question and answer session on the topic.  It was amazing to hear the questions the kids asked and it was obvious that they were listening intently and thinking about all they heard.   Questions ranged the gamut from what is it like to fly upside down to what is an air vent.  Boy, did that air vent question make us all feel old.  Not only did we learn that none of these kids have ever seen or experienced a car with vent windows or floor vents but their parent's haven't either!

Rounding out the experience of touching and seeing an airplane up close, Ace took the children around to his hangar where he let them see an all metal airplane.  Ace put really big smiles on the faces of the students when he graciously opened his airplane up to them to sit in.  It is our hope that at least a few of the students will get the aviation bug and will pursue a career in aviation.  At least one of the parents seemed to get hooked and may soon become a new student pilot.

As the kids ate a pizza lunch, Jack gave them a talk about airports.  He explained the difference between runways and taxiways and how they differ from roads.  Jack also showed the students two short videos about the many different types of airplanes that have been to the airport over the years and another about becoming a pilot.  

Gilbert also gave the students a tour of the maintenance hangar and explained to them all the important facts about aircraft maintenance.  

Rounding out the visit for the students they were given a presentation by the nice folks at Medstar about helicopters and medical evacuation.  The children were even treated to seeing the Medstar helicopter takeoff on a mission and return before their field trip was over.